Friday, June 25, 2010

Pilates without Borders

Recently I started looking at my business from outside the box.

Being a Pilates Instructor is a person to person job. I have always felt that this limited me in many ways. I thought "I can only work in the city I live in, I can only touch so many people in a day, I have to be able to get to my clients or be accessible to them, and if I am travelling I cannot be working." I view teaching Pilates not only about the teaching of movement, but the relationship that forms between myself and my clients. I have been with many of my clients through multiple pregnancies, rehabbing from injuries, and training for marathons. The bonds that I have with them are immeasurable. Why should distance, time, or lack of sitter get in the way?

Technology is great! We are all connected to one another at any given moment. So I started thinking why can't I connect my business like this too? Thus opened up a whole new world of teaching Pilates to me. I have recently added Skype Pilates sessions and am in the process of launching Podcasts. Both of these technology driven projects still hold the personal connection between student and teacher that I hold so dear. Granted I can't put my hands on someone physically, but I can still guide them through movement using my words, imagery, and humor. I can still see the movement and the changes that are made from my words. These sessions are specifically tailored to whatever the client is working on. They can be recorded to reuse. They can be a mat session with or without props or even an equipment session if client has equipment available to them. And they are truly affordable. WOW, my whole idea of what my business could be just opened up and all the negatives I felt about building business disappeared. What freedom technology has really given all of us. What a great way to be able to get Quality Personal Pilates wherever you are!

To find out more about Skype Pilates sessions visit Hope to be seeing you soon.

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