Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Here comes the sun.

Living in Chicago the gray, cold weather can definitely get the best of you. Seasonal depression seems to inhabit most Midwesterners mind frame. The appearance of the sun immediately changes my outlook on my day and life in general, especially in the spring. Throw a sunny, 55 degree or above day at us and people are out strolling the streets in abundance, playing at the park, sitting outside to eat, and generally smiley, happy people.

Nature goes through rebirth with the spring rain allowing fresh flowers to bloom and grow, why shouldn't we do the same?

Spring is the perfect time to clean up our health and give ourselves a much needed rebirth and reemergence. As new fruits and vegetables come into season its time to take stock of our pantries and add some fresh seasonal favorites. Find a new recipe that bursts with spring flavors. Add some citrus, berries, or grapes to your favorite salad.

As the days start to get longer our circadian rhythms begin to change as well. Making it easier to get up earlier in the morning and enjoy the afternoon and early evening a little more. Make the best of the additional daylight. Find an early morning yoga class or outdoor boot camp class. Invigorate your day by starting with movement. Get up a little earlier than your normal routine and find a nice meditation spot to sit and breathe.

Like the spring blossoms give yourself the much needed fertilizer to energize your mind, body, and spirit into rebirth.

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