Friday, November 12, 2010

Rockin' Reformer

At the 2010 PMA Conference in Long Beach, Balanced Body unveiled their prototype for a Rockin' Reformer (official name unknown). It is an accessory type piece that can be added onto the bottom of any Balanced Body Reformer that alters the stability of the entire piece of equipment and allows movement in more planes. One rocker goes on front and one on back and there are blocks that can slide under to stop the rock and bring the equipment back to stability without removing the rockers.

This piece of equipment drew a lot of attention at the booth. I had the privilege of receiving a mini-lesson on this Rockin' Reformer from Balanced Body's Elizabeth Larkham. She challenged me with exercises like Bridge and Semi-Circle adding in rotation of the reformer and spine. A cat like/knee stretch combo with rotation, a Control Front variation, and Snake.

Single Leg Circles
on Rockin' Reformer
At first mounting the equipment itself feels awkward and insecure as it is not stable. But the body becomes accustomed quickly. I was concerned, as I suffer from extreme motion sickness, that I would feel like I was on a boat in the ocean waves. However, the movement of the rocker was much more subtle and thankfully I felt no motion sickness. Instead I felt a huge amount of freedom of my spine and hips, more stabilization of my shoulders, and a smile on my face as I explored these Classical Pilates exercises with a twist (literally). It was a ton of fun, challenging, and an exploration of where Pilates can go. I truly enjoyed this new prototype and look forward to seeing it in studios in the near future. 

Note: The name of the piece, cost, and availability date are unknown as of now. I have contacted Balanced Body and as soon as I hear back with this info I will post it for you. It is not in their existing catalog or website as of yet.