Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Escape

A place affording peace, quiet, privacy, or security.
This February, find tranquility, peace, and warmth, while enjoying your physical surroundings and pampering your body and soul. I have always found Retreats to be most beneficial to my body and mind. When I allow myself the well deserved time and utmost priority I can come back to my business, clients and family a better me. Well rested, reflective, meditated, nurtured, inspired, invigorated, and fed both spiritually and physically.

There are many places that offer Yoga and spiritual retreats, however I had a hard time finding a space that inhabited a full Pilates studio as well as a beautiful retreat space. I wanted to be able to offer Pilates Mat Classes, as well as Group Reformer and Private Sessions. And in this economic time, make it as affordable as possible without spending a ton on travel to a foreign country. Rancho La Puerta is just that place. Located in Tecate, Mexico. Rancho La Puerta is the perfect retreat spot, even voted by Travel & Leisure's 2010 voters as a Best Destination Spa. With it being located about an hour outside of San Diego, California residents would even be able to drive to the resort without any air fare.

Currently living in Chicago, winter and cold last a good portion of the year. By the February month I am ready for an escape and rejuvenation to get me through until May, when Chicago finally starts to warm up.

This February join me at Rancho La Puerta for either a 4-day or 7-day retreat. Visit for more info. Hope to see you there!

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  1. I cannot wait to go to this retreat! And to have you teaching Pilates in sunny Mexico - what could be better?