Friday, January 14, 2011

Introducing piLALAtes Book Group

Announcing piLALAtes Book Group!!

This group will read books based on health, diet, exercise, and emotional well being. The book to be read will be determined by myself and the group. You will be given at least a week to purchase, borrow, or download the designated book. We will read the book simulataneously and discuss on a designated basis the assigned chapters. Anyone can comment or pose questions to the group. I am looking forward to this being an inspirational, thought provoking group that will explore many different topics of health.

I think the easiest and most real time way to participate in the discussions will be through twitter. If you are not a member already of twitter it is free and very easy to use. On twitter we can set a thread #piLALAtesreaders. This thread gets listed in the tweet and all users posting to this thread can all see each other's comments and questions. It is in real time so will be like we are all sitting in the same room discussing.

So..... Our first book to read together and discuss is (drum roll please)......

The China Study by Thomas M. Campbell II
Click here to purchase or download to kindle.

If you have already read this book please feel free to re-read with us and/or join in for discussions as we go. Our first twitter group discussion on this book will take place Tuesday, February 1st at 8pm CT (6pm PT and 9pm ET). Please have read through at least Part I.

Mark your calendars, start turning the pages, and sign in to Twitter on Feb 1st. Looking forward to some great reading and interesting discussions.


  1. Fabulous idea! Marking my calendar...

  2. This is great! I'll try to participate in the next one.