Monday, March 14, 2011

Watch out Shakira

Looking for a fun, energetic, and hip shaking class that makes you forget that you are working out and not just having a good time shaking your groove thing to the music? Have you tried Zumba yet?

Unfortunately for me, the Zumba class at my gym is offered on a night where I am usually teaching. But whenever I have a cancellation that night I rush over a shake my thang. Right now the class is only offered on one night, once a week at my gym.

This class is SO much fun. Great latino and club music that makes me feel like I am partying in Rio or Ibiza. The combinations are fun and fairly simple. Hooting and clapping are encouraged. My teacher has a great energy although she never really speaks in class, just demonstrates and we follow. Each class we learn a few different dance routines and then at the end there is a shimmying section. I really stink at this part. Great at the upper body shimmy and humbled by the lower body shimmy. I do it with a smile on my face and just laugh at my own lack of junk in my trunk. Kim Kardashian would ROCK this class.

If you're looking for a fun class to let loose and get a great workout, you should definitely give Zumba a try.

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