Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Iphone Apps for working out

As many of you are, I am addicted to my Iphone. I want to use it for absolutely everything I possibly can. There are a few noteworthy Apps that I have found and use that I want to pass on to you.

The first is for all of you runners, cyclist, and rollerbladers. Its called Runkeeper. I downloaded a FREE version and love it. It works primarily off of a GPS system. Basically it computes how far you have gone in what amount of time and figures out your miles/hour and calories burned based off of your age, gender, and weight. You can save all your activities to see your progress as well as share info via twitter and facebook. The Ipod application will work while running this App, so never fear you can still listen to all your favorite tunes. This is a great application. One complaint I have is that the calories burned are only computed based off of the GPS distance and does not take into consideration resistance from winds or hilly terrain. I started wearing my heartrate monitor as well, since I am a bit anal about my calories (see my next favorite App) and found that it differed about 300 calories in my favor. And when you are counting calories, we all know every calorie counts.

The next App that I am addicted to is Lose It. Also FREE. I love that!! Lose it allows you to easily count your calories in and out. Many of the foods and exercises are already programmed into the software and their comprehensive database. However, you can also easily edit and add your own foods and exercises. On lose it you can set your goals by weight and date that you would like to reach it. It calculates the calories that you should take in per day based on removing the calories to lose the desired weight. Being the anal, overachiever that I am, I always try to stay below the goal number and input every bite and nibble. You can also track your nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, and fats by day and week. There is a graph that charts your progress as well and lets you know above it exactly how much you have lost to date. If you are trying to lose weight I highly recommend this App. Very user friendly and you will see the results. This truly works if you are diligent about inputting.

Do you have a health related IPhone App that you like?


  1. Great blog! Yes there is an app, I love Jamie Oliver's healthy eating app with some great techniques as well as recipes. It is amazing how we can stay connected and watch things like calories, exercise, and our health in this fast paced world. Great job on the Blog. Keep it up!

  2. This Blog is great, Laurel! I'm going to try the "Lose It" app because of your recommendation. Keep up the inspiring work!!

  3. Great Sami !! Since both of those Apps are free you have nothing to lose but the LBS.

  4. I just downloaded Lose It! Thanks for the great advice. I'm also going to check out the supplement you recommended.

  5. Kim- Be sure to wear a heart rate monitor when working out with Kareem so that you can be accurate in how many calories you are burning.