Thursday, May 13, 2010

Juice start your diet!

There are lots of quick fix diets and fasts out there. The Master Cleanse allowing you to drink as much cayenne pepper,maple syrup and lemon water as you like for a minimum of a week. Atkins, eliminating all the Carbs from your life. I don’t know about you but somehow when I try one of these strict fasts or diets the inner, rebellious child in me comes out. All of a sudden I will eat things that I never even liked just because I am not supposed to. Plus how in the world is eating a cup of cheese (fat) on Atkins, better than eating a cup of carrots (carbohydrates)? And how is a body suppose to survive and function on sugary, lemon water? Sure you might lose the weight quickly but what does this actually teach your body? And are you really able to keep it off once you go back to eating normally?

I’m going to share a little secret with you. When I am looking to shed a few pounds in a timely manner, I turn to juicing. I load up on all the fruits, vegetables, and nuts that I want for two meals of the day and have a healthy protein based meal for my third meal. Try to juice at least two of your meals. I suggest always starting the day with juicing for breakfast and then based on your schedule and your day you can decide if your second juice meal will be lunch or dinner. In between, snack on fresh fruit/vegetables or a handful of nuts throughout the day. Your body gets all the nutrients it needs (probably more, since you will be meeting your fruit and vegetable quota), you still get the satisfaction of actually eating, and the regular meal feels like a reward that you get everyday. You will find your body making healthy choices and wont feel deprived along the way. By juicing you will get a variety of fruits and vegetables, find new tastes that you may not have ever tried, and be able to tolerate fruits/vegetables that you may have disliked before.

The best way to jump start your body into losing weight and teach your body to use food in the most productive way, I believe is through juicing . As Amanda Cross states in THE MIRACLE JUICE DIET “when a person eats nutritionally depleted food, not enough food or is putting extra pressure on the body through overwork, during illness or following surgery or when you are undergoing high levels of stress”, juicing is the answer.

Here is a breakdown of some fruits and vegetables and their benefits. I have also included a few hints and recipes. Try to get fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables first. Second best would be flash frozen. I prefer to water down my juice for a lighter, less pulpy consistency.

Melon highly nutritious, natural diuretic, powerful cleansers and detoxifiers, great for rehydration, orange melon (i.e. cantaloupe) high in beta carotene, watermelons have anticoagulant property, all are antiviral and antibacterial
Kiwi packed with vitamin C and fiber, excellent for immune system, lowering blood pressure, and heart health known in traditional chinese medicine for healing effect on stomach and breast cancer (called Chinese gooseberries)
Bananas best source of potassium (mineral for maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function), contain pectin; help normalize movement through the digestive tract and ease constipation rich in pre-biotics that nourish probiotics in the colon, help to decrease the risk of colon cancer
Berries antiviral and antibacterial, fabulous for the bloodstream
blueberries and blackcurrents help diarrhea and any urinary tract infection, raspberries contain a natural aspirin and help menstrual cramps, strawberries help the cardiovascular system as a whole
Avocados lower blood cholesterol and block carcinogens, high vitamin E content excellent for maintaining healthy skin, healing wounds and bolstering the immune system, help the body digest and metabolize fats
Cranberries deodorize urine and prevent bacteria in the bladder, prostate, and kidneys, can prevent kidney stones, very sour and may need to be combined with sweeter fruit in juices and smoothies
Citrus Fruits contain carotenoids, bioflavonoids and huge amounts of Vitamin C which are key in the fight against cancer, lower blood cholesterol and arterial plaque, antiviral and antibcterial
Papaya tops when it comes to aiding digestion as it helps to break down protein, protects against cancer and replenishes lost levels of Vitamin C, making it a good choice for smokers
Apples antioxidants, reduce cholesterol, cleanse the digestive system and boost the immune system, aid in the digestion of fats, small amount with soften the taste of a stronger vegetable blend
Plums help increase the absorption of iron into the body, great source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, B2, dietary fibre and potassium
Pineapples anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial, help to dissolve blood clots, contain bromelain, which is essential in the digestion of protein
Mangos high in beta-carotene and full of potassium, perfect to replenish energy after heavy workout
Tomatoes lower the risk of cancer and heart disease, fight off free radicals
Broccoli high in antioxidants and Vitamin C, vital intake will help guard against lung, breast, and colon cancer, on low carb diet will help to regulate insulin and blood sugar, has been reported to deactivate cancer cells
Cabbage leading cancer fighter, can regulate estrogen metabolism and discourage formation of polyps, best raw and should be included in the diet 2-3 times per week
Sweet Potatoes help stabilize blood sugar levels and lower insulin resistance, good source of Vitamin A, C and manganese, copper, dietary fibre, B6, potassium, and iron, anti-inflammatory, can help in reducing the severity of conditions where inflammation play a role (i.e. asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis)
Peppers Vitamin C, guard against macular degeneration and respiratory infections, help to keep arteries decongested and helpful with asthma, bronchitis and even the common cold, help keep nails, skin, and hair glossy and healthy
Green Leafy Vegetables full of lutein and beta-carotene and will battle cancer and regulate estrogen, try to have a couple green juices per week even if you favor sweeter juices
Celery and Fennel great at cleansing the digestive system of uric acid, high potassium content and therefore great for lowering high blood pressure, If you hold onto excess fluid and suffer from regular bloating, their diuretic effect is very powerful and should be the basis of the juices you create
Carrots nutritional power houses. when cooked=high on carb scale, high beta carotene content, fight cancer, protect arteries, battle infections and boost immunity, said to eliminate putrefactive bacteria in the colon and facilitate elimination of intestinal parasites

Also think about adding in supplements like milk thistle (liver function) , flax seeds (omega-3 and omega-6), Psyllium Husks (colon health), Yogurt (probiotic enzymes), Brewers Yeast (metabolism), ginger (immune system), and raw garlic (antibiotic) to name a few.

Hope you will share some of your favorite recipes. Here is one of mine. Red seedless grapes, cucumber, lemon, ginger root, and mint leaves. Great for digestion, bloating and water retention. Perfect for a day in a bikini.

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  1. This is an email I received from my friend Ryan in response to my Juice blog. He is a great testimonial on what juicing can do for you. Congrats Ryan and thanks for the update.

    hey, on your advice (yes I do read your blog) I have been juicing about 10 days straight now and love it, I bought an omega mastecating (sounds naughty) juicer and love it. I have bought fresh veggies from the farmer's market and have been using them. My outside garden is almost ready with my own fresh veggies as well. I have also been making my son fresh fruit popsicles he really loves them.
    I have lost 9 pounds so far (along with working out daily). I also just love the way it tastes and that I am getting great nutritional value! thanks again love,
    love ya miss ya!