Monday, August 30, 2010

A good stiff one

Sounds dirty, but actually I am referring to cleanliness. A topic that Joseph Pilates wrote about in Return to Life Through Contrology.  Regarding Cleanliness J.P. wrote:
"...the correct technique to use in accomplishing this highly desirable result is to bathe using a good, stiff brush with no handle.  This type of brush forces us to twist, squirm, and contort ourselves in every conceivable way in our attempts to reach every portion of our body which are otherwise comparatively easy to reach with a handle brush. The use of a good stiff brush stimulates circulation, thoroughly cleans out the pores of the skin, and removes dead skin too. Remember, the pores of your skin must breathe; they cannot do so unless they are kept open and freed from clogging. Your skin will soon respond most gratifyingly to this perhaps seemingly Spartan-like treatment and acquire in the process a new, fresh, glowing appearance.  It will also develop a texture smooth and soft to the touch. So brush away heartily and merrily!"

Here are two stiff bristled brushes I recommend.
The Body Shop $12
Earth Therapeutics

I also highly recommend an exfoliating scrub.  There are quite a few good ones on the market. I like L'Occitane Verbena Body Salt ScrubOrigins Ginger Body Scrub, and Alba Sugar Cane Body Polish, and . Or you can try making one of your own with these recipes.

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  1. I love the Body Shop round brush! Sadly, mine just broke & I need to get a new one. A nice brushing helps wake me up in the morning too. :)