Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rock-n-Roll with Pilates

Rolling like a Ball (ex:Rolling)
Pilates was Rocking-n-Rolling before Elvis or the Beatles.

Granted I am talking about movement and not music. This Rock-n-Roll is admired by all ages young and old and was born before it's musical genre.

The Pilates system has many rolling exercises (supine) and rocking exercises (prone) built into it's series. The rocking and the rolling takes place in the "powerhouse" of the body, between the shoulder blades and hips.  

In the Pilates Mat series the Rolling exercises (supine or on your back) include Rolling like a Ball, Open Leg Rocker, Boomerang, Seal and Crab. Rocking exercises (prone or on your belly) include Swan Dive and Rocking. Rolling is meant to allow breath into the body to it's fullest deepest potential, the spine to stretch and lengthen, and massage the spine against the mat and the internal organs with breath. 

Rocking (ex:Rocking)
Rocking strengthens the muscles along the spine, stretches the front of the chest, shoulders, and abdominals. Rocking and rolling should be light and playful, like a beach ball blowing in the wind. It will teach your body that strength and flexibility can be (and need to be) relaxed and flexible on the outside of the body, while engaged and supported from inside the body. That proper and purposeful breathing can carry movement more effortless than tensed up muscles.

So turn it on, turn it up and play with some Old time Rock-n-Roll.

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